Friday, August 12, 2011

Alberta PC leadership debate! - Ft. Mac version

I didn't watch it.  But I did read the tweets from various journalists and blog pundits.

I have one point on a loooong-standing issue that basically defines where I stand with the PC party.  They all agreed that the Highway of Death (HWY 63) needs to be twinned.  Well holy Tory, now that's progress!  Aren't/weren't all of these candidates in government when promises were being made about it years ago.

So how is anything going to be different?  It's not.

This just cements my opinion that this out-dated party needs to get punted from governing this province.


NeilD said...

Highway 63 still isn't twinned!??
What the hell have they been doing with all that oil sand money over the years?

Joe said...

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy a little voice is heard, "63? I thought you said 43 and here we are almost finished".

WRA can't come to power fast enough.