Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woman faces jail time and fine for not filling out 2006 census

For those who didn't think it happened, well, it can happen.  Three months in a jail and a $500 fine.  Nice.

As I said last year, the real contentious issue surrounding the whole voluntary census form debate is one of enforcement.  Lefties/progressives/liberals/dippers/socialists NEED the data to justify their big program ideas and the only way they say to ensure the data is valid is to threaten citizens with a punishment.

Even then, many of them came out and said that no one has been punished.  I argue that if no one had been punished, then why the heck is it in the law in the first place?

What I also don't get is how polling companies continue to provide valid statistics and data on demographics to the very political parties that these lefties are members of.  They don't threaten jail time, yet use the data to make all sorts of decisions.

I continue to support the Conservative government's decision on replacing the mandatory census with a voluntary one.

I'm still putting Jedi as my religion though.


Anonymous said...

Kinsella has publicly admitted he has not and won't fill it out. If he is not fined or thrown in jail then is there a chance of the perception of preferential treatment for political operatives of a certain persuasion?

maryT said...

There were several questions we did not answer and the census taker spent a month trying to get us to do it. She quit threatening us with jail when I asked her how she knew. It does say on the form it will only be opened by Stats Canada. She told us that they had to open every form to see that it had been filled out. I told her to put in any figures she wanted as I would not. Couldn't do that, it would not be the right info. I then asked her how she knew I would put honest answers down. That didn't matter.
She also questioned our citizenship, and ethnic origin. We answered Canadian, with a few expletives added.
This year you are to mail your form back yourself, to an address, where they will be opened and and tabulated. Stats Can said all workers will be subject to a background and security check at that facility. They are going to hire 35,000 workers to do this census.
My race this year will be the 100 yard dash.