Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Harper's virtual majority

The Senate smartly voted down bill C-311, a climate change bill which, of course, originated in the House of Commons. 

So although the Conservatives do not have a majority in the House, and they don't necessarily have one in the Senate just yet, common sense is prevailing.

Of course, what would also be common sense is the day these Senators are elected and each province is equally represented.

It seems in this situation, they at least got one of the "E" of triple-E.



gimbol said...

Perhaps it was also a case of some liberal senators having some sober second thoughts?

Anonymous said...

There was a time when Conservatives decried unelected senators overriding the elected House of Commons. Of cource, you have no principles and when someone else's ox is being gored it is okay.

The Conservatives have lost their way.

Jan said...

So why aren't the Liberals supporting Senate reform? Harper has already said he would support any Senator elected by their provinces (that would mean Liberal and NDP as well as Conservative, if that's who the provinces' elect). You can't have it both ways. Seems to me, the Liberals don't really want to give up their "entitlement" to appoint their own Senators, should they ever be in power again.