Friday, September 10, 2010

Les Nordiques?

For the record, the federal gov't should never subsidize any pro sports teams, stadiums, or arenas, especially in money pit Quebec. This will not translate into votes and will piss more people off, especially Western MPs, than it will win favour from.


The_Iceman said...

"Especially in Quebec"?

So then you wouldn't mind if it was in Saskatoon?

francoiscouture said...

The big difference between Quebec city, QC and Edmonton, AB is that Quebec city and the Province of Quebec both agreed to invest before asking Ottawa to do so. At the opposite, the Province of Alberta is refusing to pay for a new arena in Edmonton. Albertains, do your homework and then, you could ask Ottawa and critic what we're doing in Quebec city. BTW, Quebec residents paid a lot for Calgary Games, Vancouver Games, the saving of GM who got most of their plants in Ontario, The Olympic Stadium in Montreal, G20 in Toronto, etc... Please stop your Quebec bashing.