Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberals cry wolf ... again

With their low poll numbers, these friggin' Liberals look desperate making up scandals where there aren't any.

With H1N1, they blame the Conservatives for not doing a good job in getting the vaccine out there and being secretive with the pharmaceutical company but the contract with them was signed under Chretien's Liberal gov't in the first place.

So now they've been called out on it, they come up with another really pathetic attempt of a non-scandal.

As the Olympic Torch makes its way to Vancouver for the start of next year's games, there will be more torch relay ceremonies held in Conservative ridings than in the ridings of opposition members.

CTV News has obtained a list that shows that torch relay ceremonies will be held in 91 Conservative ridings, compared to 20 Liberal ridings and 17 ridings for both the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

"It is absolutely shameful to politicize and to make partisan something such as (the) Olympics," Liberal MP Ujjal Dosanjh told CTV.

However, both the federal government and the head of the Vancouver Olympics organizing committee (VANOC) say that there is no plan in place to keep the torch out of opposition ridings.

"This is not political, this is what I'm stressing," Minister of State for Sport Gary Lunn said Wednesday, hours before sending a letter to all opposition MPs, assuring them that they could take part in torch events even if they are being held in Conservative ridings.

The head of VANOC also denies any Conservative involvement.

"At no time did anybody in any government, or any political party offer one iota of counsel or influence about that," John Furlong said.

"We did our jobs the way we should have done them."
This is their strategy though... they're trying continually to smear the gov't of Action-Plan pork in mostly Conservative ridings, and an inability to deal with the swine-flu, but all they come up with is B.S. on all counts and waste your money in doing so, instead of holding the gov't properly accountable, opposing where it's necessary, and offering alternative solutions.

And Canadians knows the Liberals have NO credibility on anything when EVERYONE still knows about the ultimate kick-back scheme they played. It's why their poll numbers are so darn low.

h/t The Raging Tory

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