Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Latest

I'm currently in Los Angeles, but here are my comments of the latest political happenings...

- Elizabeth May running in BC somewhere. Run, Betty, run! ... yawn

- Harper's senate appointments... a necessary evil. Rest assured many of us Conservatives will be piping up if the party wins a majority next election and no further progress is made on senate reform.

- Iggy wants an election. ... yawn. Were Bob Rae's hawks responsible for pushing this knowing Iggy would lose? Unlike some delusional Liberals, methinks Canadians don't really want much change, but I also don't think they punish parties that force one. The best the Liberals can do is gain 20 seats to 97. But I don't know where those seats would come from.

- Iggy's TV ads. ... yawn

- Stephen Harper spontaneously plays "Gimme Shelter" on an old piano in the Niagara region. Sounds like a leader who's feeling relaxed to me.

- Obama's speech to students... awesome and necessary. Republican pundits and politicians are just jealous. George Bush Sr. did a similar thing. Newt Gingrich even thought it was okay.

- Health care debate in the U.S. ... very bad and lots of truth bending and myths spouted. Lou Dobbs on CNN is at least looking at other countries' systems. USA Today shows that insurance payments have gone up dramatically over the past 5 years and some families pay up to $1400-1900/month. I don't know about you but that's crazy.

- God bless Canada.

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