Thursday, June 21, 2007

Age of reason...

It's not only me who feels the way I do about why we don't need to raise the drinking age.

Banning 18-year-olds from legally drinking could just push their habits underground to bush parties or house basements, in places where they're not supervised and pose just as severe a threat, argued Shirley Lowe, executive director of the Old Strathcona Business Association.
Hmm, isn't that what I said in my previous post?
"They also recognized that raising the legal drinking age might simply displace the problem of violence: underage drinkers might do their drinking at bush parties instead of bars," the roundtable report said.
Mo Blayways, a bar owner and president of the Old Strathcona Hospitality Association, said upping the policing levels in busy districts should be the top priority. But he reasoned that a higher drinking age, along with a barrage of other measures like drink-price minimums, might have some effect on violence levels.
Police! Who would've thought? But my friend Mo runs Devlin's Martini Bar where the age requirement is 21 years.

Granted, there are some bars on Whyte that attract that 18 year-old triple highballs for half price crowd. But what's need is more security and bar staff to handle these situation promptly.

Drink price minimums to a point are good because you don't and can't have a bar giving out free or dirt cheap drinks, but there's a line somewhere. Maybe a $1/ounce. But that's it.

Staggered bar closings is the dumbest idea. Hello more lineups and frustrated folks who'll fight even more.

As I said, how about no closing time?


daisies said...

i agree with everything you're saying but honestly while i think the no closing time is a brilliant idea, i don't think there is enough manpower for that sort of thing ~ there are for hire signs everywhere, more jobs than people and tacking on another shift might not be doable for most places ... just a thought ...

Mike B. said...

You raise a good point, but then if a bar can't find enough staff, then it simply closes at the appropriate hour for the most cost benefit. Communities like Whyte Ave could then come up with their own solutions with the bars, rather than having city council come up with draconian measures that end up apply to bars not involved.