Friday, May 18, 2007

Il Duceppe

Gilles Duceppe is being welcomed back into his Bloc leadership.

"In the Bloc caucus, there is two kinds of people -- those who were upset
because he was jumping in the race so they'll be happy to see him come back
home, and there is those like me who are supporting Mr. Duceppe in any
situation. So I think there will not be any kind of problem for him in the Bloc
Smart move on the Bloc's part. Who else was ready? And what point is there for the Bloc to have a new leader? It's not that they're looking to gain power and it's doubtful they can ever increase their seat count, so what's the incentive? None. Methinks he'll be in there for a long time now until he retires when someone wants to take a crack at being the steward of the party for another dozen years.

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