Friday, January 12, 2007

Dion's backward economy

Does Stephane Dion have any clue about how the economy works?

He told the university audience that he would not follow through with a promise
by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reduce the GST to five per cent, from six
per cent, by 2011. ''(The GST cut) is $5.5 billion out of the economy
every year
and it will not transform the economy and it is not a good
social policy,'' Dion said.

Out? How the hell does not leaving more money in the hands of consumers considered taking it out of the economy?

There's only one way and that's through government spending. That's how Dion wants to "transform the economy" ... yeah, into a purely socialist one. Not that's any new news to most, but this should drive away most of the blue liberals and middle class away from the Liberal Party.

Oh wait...

But you know why he wants more money for the government? To pay for the mythical Kyoto carbon credits we have to buy from other countries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which have no correlation with global temperatures, not actual pollution.

Yeah, doing that would really transform the Canadian economy. It's sure "not good social policy", but it sure is good socialist policy.

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