Friday, September 29, 2006

"A tie, just what I've always wanted!"

In an ironic or perhaps prophetic destiny, back in 2005, Peter Mackay, sitting across from Belinda in the House of Commons after her defection, waved a tie at her which she bought him a few weeks earlier. She sure know how to get to you. "Fine then, I'll date a Tie."

MacKay met Stronach defection with 'fury'
Liberal MP hoped their relationship would survive floor-crossing, book says


OTTAWA -- Belinda Stronach hoped to convince Peter MacKay that their relationship could survive her defection to the Liberal cabinet, according to a new biography of the wealthy and glamorous opposition MP.

But according to Belinda: the Political and Private Life of Belinda
Stronach, Mr. MacKay reacted with "volcanic fury" as he urged her not to leave him during talks that lasted into the early morning.


Her new seat on the government benches had her sitting directly across from Mr. MacKay. As she cast a key budget vote that kept the Liberals in power, the book says, Mr. MacKay "deliberately and defiantly" waved his tie, which she had given him just a few weeks earlier.

"In the weeks that followed, MacKay's furious glares across the centre aisle so unnerved Stronach that her new colleagues decided to relocate her to another side of the Commons, where direct eye contact was more difficult."

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Lee_D said...

This seems so out of character for her. Does this mean that Mr. Domi has political ambitions now that he's done with hockey?

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Is it just me or all people elected to office just losers?