Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bye Bye San Diego, Hello Seattle

Man, I feel like Dr. Fraser Crane. Okay, maybe not. But I'm in Seattle now. Well, Bellevue actually.

My 14 days in San Diego was fantastic. The Zoo, Legoland, beaches, the nightlife, the food, the aircraft carrier all excellent. But the people were the best! I will definitely return.

Check this photo out...

That's the USS Ronald Reagan alright! I'm wearing the hat too.

Speaking of Presidents... I happen to be in DC when he drove by in his motorcade...

And getting into his helicopter...

Stopped by Daytona...

Oh, actually, that's Minitown USA in Legoland.

More impressions about the U.S.:

- Way too much political talk on the TV. In fact, the shows on the TV are the same, but I gotta say, Canadian TV offers a lot more. Believe it! Spanish soap operas kick ass though.

- "Lose weight this, lose weight that." Enough already.

- Fox news is blatantly biased. You already knew that. But wow!

- The Seattle Times is not a very thick paper compared to the Edmonton Journal.

- The I-5 is one wide highway.

- La Jolla beach is beautiful...

- Flew by Mount St. Helens and got this photo from the plane.

More photos to come.

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blackdaisies said...

fantastic photos :) love the beach one, beautiful!!

looking forward to seeing kansas baby! :)