Friday, July 07, 2006

The Stevemeister...

If George W. calls him Steve, can I?

Seriously though, I applaud Prime Minister Harper's stance with President Bush on increased border security saying that going down that route would mean the terrorists have won.

With the FBI snagging a recent terrorist plot on the New York subway system and Canada's Own foiling the terrorist plot here at home, the authorities are on top of things.

And looking in the other direction toward North Korea, Bush was also kind enough to not bring up missile defense, saying that if "Steve" wanted to bring it up, he would, but Bush still tried to lure Harper into thinking that this little commie country was aiming them test missiles at Canada. "Steve" took it with great stride, but left the door open down the road, but not now.

For me, I just want to know when I can stop having to take off my shoes at a U.S. airport. When you're wearing just sandles you ask, "When's the last time they cleaned these floors?"

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't suggest wearing an underwire bra either ... they don't take kindly either to one offering to take off the bra as one is waiting far too long for a female guard to come and pat one down.

Taking off shoes is minor.